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Shayne Corriea

Shayne Corriea Financial Group

Shayne started her financial career in 2015, after 17 years with a legal firm. Growing up, the subject of finances was foreign to her. Her mother's family came from Mexico and worked in the fields, while her father's family was from neighboring Clarksburg and proud blue collar workers.


The topic of money was not discussed. Shayne learned about financial planning when her legal career ended amidst hardships, divorce and grieving the death of her stepfather. A female financial advisor showed her the tools and strategies for financial wellbeing and knowing this information needed to be shared with other women, she found herself studying and taking the necessary exams to achieve the following registrations; annuities, insurances through the CA Dept. of Insurance, and securities with a Series 6 and 63.


She is the Founder and President of SWAG (Sacramento Women Achieving Greatness) and newly appointed Commissioner with the Sacramento County Women's Commission.


Shayne lives in West Sacramento and is a single mother to a daughter, Maya and adult son, Jesse. In her spare time you can find her socializing with friends, visiting wineries or traveling.

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Shayne Corriea


Shayne Corriea Financial Group empowers, coaches and partners with clients who are committed to creating a legacy and achieve a lifetime of financial well-being through integrated financial strategy.


Shifting the financial narrative in our community to achieve generational wealth.


Integrity - Specializing your plan based on what is best for YOU.

Trust - Developing strong lifelong relationships.

Passion - Creating excitement around your financial journey.


Women make cents on the

dollar of men and the equal pay

gap is getting wider specifically

for women of color.


This specialty seminar takes attendees through women’s financial history, our buying power, money mindset and how financial strategy is crucial for our women of color who want to create generational wealth.


About us

Awards & Recognition

  • Latina Estrella Inspiration Award – Sac Hispanic Chamber, 2021

  • District 1 Appointed Commissioner – Sac County Women’s Commission

  • Top 10 Hispanic Financial Advisor – Northwestern Mutual

  • Featured in Financial Industry Columns Magazine, Northwestern Mutual

  • Nominated for Sacramento Business Journal Small Business Award

  • Two time Nominee for NAWBO Outstanding Women Leader Award

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